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11:45 a.m. - 2007-11-03
What nannies drink at parties.
We had a childrens HALLOWEEN party yesterday, the guest list included: Neil, Juliette and their kids Grace and the twins Rose and Jack. They live next door. From the other side we had Stefan and his daughter Stephie. From school we had Inaye and her nanny and Meera and her mum and her Nanny.

Nannys don't sit down and never accept drinks when offered.

Meeras 'abayyed' mum, originally from Greece told us that she didn't mind if we drank. I said that I wasn't planning drinking but the guys wondered if the Coke I was drinking had booze and I said no and they drank what I was drinking.

A total of two pictures were taken and I won't upload them.

I am still getting used to this so wait to see more exciting entries in the coming weeks.


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